CHAOS Berger Picards
We were introduced to our first Berger Picard (Picardy
Shepherd) in 2007. The rustic look and obvious loyalty to
their master was endearing. It took several years before we
were ready to introduce another breed into our breeding
program, but when that time came, I knew exactly what breed
to add. With the Berger Picard being so rare in not only the
United States but in Europe as well it took time before we
found our first female. We found out quickly that Berger  
Picards are like potato cant have just one. We had
the opportunity to buy imported adults then later imported
new bloodlines ourselves. With our extensive background in
performance events I was excited about the opportunity to
maintain the integrity of the breed in the United States in look
and function.
Our goal with this breed is to preserve its natural herding
ability, drive, companionship, and agility while still being
competitive show dogs without compromising health. At
CHAOS Stockdogs you can be assured that all our breeding
stock have passing hip scores, normal eyes and fabulous
temperments. We feel that we have an obligation to the breed
here in the United States and take that seriously.  We love to
talk dogs, please give us a call! Even if you dont buy a Berger
Picard puppy from us, we would love to point you in the
direction of a reputable breeder with the same goals in mind
that we have.
We love our Berger Picards and would love to share that
same love with you!
Mandy and Ryan Pilgrim
(928) 308-6202
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for the Berger Picard Standard